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As Birds Flying

An explanation of history will show that the great majority of prophetic utterances in the Old and New Testaments have already been fulfilled. The capture of Jerusalem in 1917, in which the British Royal Flying Corps played a major part (As Birds Flying), completed a major phase of Biblical prophecy…

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Assyrian Invasion and Deportation of Isreal

A study outline of the four invasions of Israel by the Assyrians, followed by the three groups of aliens resettled in the land of Samaria. The Scriptural record of the invasions is examined together with the testimony of the monuments containing inscriptions…

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Celt, Druid and Culdee

A study of Druidism – their origin, teaching, and government and their religious beliefs that prepared Britain to receive apostolic Christianity that arrived in Britain shortly after the Ascension of Our Lord. Just a few of the questions asked and answered by Mrs. Elder in this, her fourth edition of this splendid book, are…which is the first Christian Church outside Jerusalem? Who…

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Coming of the Saints

249 pages. Very well documented study of where the disciples and those close to Jesus went after they were driven from Jerusalem. Very powerful insights into the history of the church. For a lighter version try Stough’s Dedicated Disciples…

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Dedicated Disciples

The history of Mary Magdalene, Martha, Lazarus, Nicodemus, Zacceus, 2 Philips, Trophimus, and several other lesser known disciples are given here…

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Did Our Lord Visit Britain?

This booklet keeps alive the traditions and legends of the early Christian church, long before Augustine. You might find used copies on Amazon…

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Drama of the Lost Disciples

One of the most well-written, even captivating, accounts of the events after our Lord’s crucifixion. Little-known happenings in the early church, including ties between the early church in Rome and the Royal House of Britain. This is a book that sheds much needed light on events of the New Testament period. A classic!…

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