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Ollamh Fodhla

This interesting book formed part of a paper for the Royal Irish Academy in 1872. It identifies, with reference to ancient manuscripts, the ancient cemetery at Loughcrew, Co. Meath, at one time the most famous locality in Irish history, and the Tomb of Ollamh Fodhla, Ireland’s famous Monarch and Law-maker of 3,000 years ago…

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Paul the Missionary

Published by Artisan in 2005. S/C 168 pages. From the Middle East to Spain, France and England. Another attractive and intersting book by Capt. Interesting online video on the subject on the link below…

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St. Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury

I had heard that there were legends surrounding the founding of the Church at Glastonbury, but had never before had the chance to read about them. This book, originally published in 1922, has had various editions published since of which this reprint in paperback is the latest. The weaving together of the facts, probabilities and possibilities, stretch the imagination in unexpected ways…

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St. Paul in Britain

That St. Paul planted Christianity in the British Isles over five centuries before the arrival of St. Augustine is well-documented from little known sources by the Rev. R. W. Morgan, in 1860. His research determined that Christianity was first introduced into Britain by Joseph of Arimathea around 36-39 A.D.; followed by the apostle Simon Zelotes; then by Aristobulus, the first bishop…

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The Light and the Glory

The Light and the Glory by Marshall and Manual. Published by Riverside. An indepth study of America’s Christian beginnings, its manifest destiny as an expression of the people of God planting a new witness in a new land…

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The Lineage of the Scarlet Thread

Asks “Who are the Chosen People of God” and examines if the Kingdom formed at Sinai failed, or is it in the hearts of men, is the Throne of David really in existence, is Israel obligated to follow the Divine Laws and much more. Very well written and easy to understand…

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The Lost Chapter of Acts of the Apostles

The Sonnini Manuscript, better known as The Long Lost Chapter of The Acts of the Apostles contains the account of Paul’s journey in Spain and Britain. The document, purporting to be the concluding portion of the Acts of the Apostles, covers a portion of the period after Paul’s two years enforced residence in Rome, in his own hired house. It is written in the style of the Acts…

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