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The Origin and Early History of Christianity

Presents reliable evidence that St. Joseph of Arimathea established the first Christian church in Britain between 36 – 39 A.D. Reprint of 1880. The long held belief that Christianity was introduced into Britain around 600 AD by St. Augustine is shown by the author to be unfounded. He presents the evidence that St. Joseph of Arimathea visited Britain around 36 to 39 AD and established…

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The Traditions of Glastonbury Expanded

The silent years of Jesus between 12 and 30 and an examination of the historical records concerning Joseph of Arimathea the great uncle of Jesus as a provencial Roman Senator and metal merchant. It was rumored that he owned many of the merchant ships that came to England from Rome and Phoenicia to barter for metal and other goods. Did Jesus accompany his uncle to this isle of the west?…

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To The Isles Afar Off

If you have read Coming of the Saints and Drama of the Lost Disciples, you will enjoy this handsome well illustrated book. An Anglican Priest from the United States has spent a lifetime visiting the legendary sites made famous by the early church. Much new light and a refreshing point of view from one outside the familiar British Israel circle…

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We Have a Guardian

A wonderful and lasting reminder of God’s miraculous deliverances of Britain in history…

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