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Royal House of Britain

The history of the Royal House of Britain, tracing its origin to King David through the use of charts and analysis. A classic work first published a century ago…

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Sargon the Magnificent

The author explains her reasons for believing that archeological discoveries in Babylonia and other countries prove the historical truth of the first chapters of Genesis, and that in return, those chapters provide the key to problems presented by archeological discoveries which have thus far baffled all investigations. She utilizes evidence from works by leading Assyriologists and from Babylonian…

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Stories of Lost Israel in Folklore

The symbolism found in Grimm’s Fairy Tales preserves racial heritage which reaches back to the times of Abraham Isaac and Jacob/Israel. Will cause you to take another look at those bedtime stories mother used to read aloud. With this book, Reverend James B. Haggart has accomplished an important service as he takes each of the stories presented, and reveals its hidden…

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Symbols of our Anglo-Saxon Heritage

This study of heraldic emblems is devoted to the “nations and tribes” of Israel and shows, by prophecy, that these tribes maintained their emblems after their captivities and dispersions, until their development into the Celto-Saxon nations of today … the modern counterparts of Israel. “Heraldry is neither more nor less than the science and art of hereditary symbolism…

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The Assyrian Exile

Not only is the reader given a well researched and thorough account of the movements and actions of the northern Israelite Tribes but will also learn a great deal about the Assyrians and their eventual fate, as well. An excellent book that intelligently answers the question of what happened to the so-called lost tribes of Israel. A new book on this subject…

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The Master Plan

An essential classic volume to introduce the Identity teaching to new students. A new 3rd Edition revised and reset with footnotes on prophetic fulfillment…

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