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The Most Valuable Thing in the World

Because there was an interest on the part of some young people to know “what the Bible is all about” and found that reading it for themselves was heavy going, Miss Dodd decided to do what she could to help them, and this book is the result of that effort. In her attempt to help them get a “grasp” of the Bible as a whole she has made a digest of each book with a summary at the end…

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The Mystery of Your Hidden Inheritance

An easy-to-read presentation of secular, church and biblical history, archaeology, philology, mythology, prophecy and european heraldry –this book is a cornucopia of truth. A popular title…

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The Origins & Empire Of Ancient Israel

This is Book One of a series of four books that give us a fresh look at the early history of Israel … with special emphasis on the little-known and immensely important events that helped to shape our modern world. Here is the untold story, evidence that God’s People visited distant lands in Europe and America in ancient times. The central theme of this book is the biblical Covenant…

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The Scottish Declaration of Independence

Mr. Capt’s lengendary book recording the Declaration of Arbroath, William Wallace, and Robert The Bruce, together with his knights, who upon signing the declaration claimed descent from the Israelites in Egypt. The validity of such a claim is supported by many historians who point to Israelite presence (particularly of Dan and Judah) in the British Isles at a very early date, even before…

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The Story of Celto-Saxon Israel

Over 175 maps, charts, and illustrations, as well as twelve valuable appendices, help tell the story of these lost Israelites. The information contained in this book is an important key to understanding the fulfillment of the Biblical promises and covenants in our modern world. A unique study! Almost 250 pages…

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The Tender Twig

The story of The Tender Twig* is unique and moving in its significance and in its appeal. It is the touching romance of Princess Tamar Teah Tephi and Prince Eochaidh, beginning in the dim past of Biblical days, having a surprisng Cinderella motif set against a gripping backdrop of history and reaching a climax at Tara in Ireland. It tells far more than a historic love story of the East and the West…

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Thy Kingdom Come Magazine

Thy Kingdom Come is a popular publication of the Canadian BIWF. Click on the link below for a description of the magazine and subscription information…

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