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Stonehenge and Druidism

This book deals with the age old question of: the purpose of Stonehenge who the master-builders were and when it was built. Stonehenge, standing in lonely majesty on England’s great Salisbury Plain is wreathed in mystery. From the earliest times it has aroused the awe and curiosity of it’s visitors. What was it’s purpose? Who were the master builders? When was it built?…

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Study in Pyramidology

An in-depth study of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt including an analysis of its historical record its construction details its symbolism and its relation to the Bible…

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The Language of Numbers

A compilation from the work of researchers, dealing exhaustively with the numerical factors relating to the subject of Bible chronology…

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Theomatics – God’s Best Kept Secret Revealed

Popular book on gematria published in 1986. Used copies are availabe on Amazon. Very interesting chapter on the 153 fishes story in the Gospel of John. The verses in this story are loaded with multiples of 153. Recommend however that you purchase his sequel published in 1994. Theomatics II is 692 page hardback, this book has the best of this his first work and lots…

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Theomatics II

The sequel to the popular Theomatics by Del Wasburn. Published in 1994, it is a 642 page hardback. Lots of insight in the book. Del inherited Ivan Pavin’s research papers and opened up another world of mathematical design which he calls Theomatics (gematria). He covers the subject from A to Z including discussions on Greek grammer, textual problems, Bible versions, statistical probability…

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