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Apocalypse of Baruch

Many are familiar with the Book of Baruch in the Apocrypha, but few are acquainted with the apocalyptical writings of Baruch which are far more far-reaching in their scope. Several variations of the Book of Baruch have come down to us, but this volume, known as the Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch, is so called because it is only extant in a Syriac translation…

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Book of Jubilees (Translation)

This translation by George H. Schodde from the Ethiopic Text gives a better understanding of the work and teachings of both Christ and His disciples, as also the writings of the latter, their doctrines, beliefs and the spirit of New Testament Judaism. This first century commentary on portions of Genesis and Exodus, said to be the oldest of all the Midrashim, is representative of how…

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In the Days of Noah

In the Days of Noah by Howard Rand. Published by Destiny. Includes World that then Was also by Rand…

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Study in Hosea

A wonderful study of one of the most important books in the Bible by a renowned Bible scholar…

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The Book of Enoch

This is a translation by R. H. Charles from the Ethiopic Text with a complete analysis and notes. Considered indispensable to students of both the Old and New Testaments in understanding the problems underlying the Bible prophecies. In its present form the Book of Enoch is made up of various elements belonging to different dates and a diversity of authorship and more properly should…

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The Book of Jasher

Jasher is referred to in Joshua and second Samuel. Its Name in Hebrew literally means “the upright” or “book of record”, and not the name of a prophet or one of the judges of Israel, as has been mistakenly understood by some who are unfamiliar with the Hebrew language…

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The Feasts of the Bible

The last three feasts have yet to be fulfilled. They should interest every student of bible prophecy. Harold Hemenways books are all packed with insight. Fascinating and unique.

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