I have told you before it comes to pass, that, when it comes to pass you will believe. - John 14:29

Historicist Books

ABC's of Bible Prophecy
Starter Books on Daniel and Revelation

by Baron Porcelli

A Protestant classic is now back in print. A must for all serious students of Bible prophecy. Available only on Amazon...

by Ian Paisley

Christ Predicted the Papacy as the Antichrist Christ predicts the dynasty of the Antichrist and the False Prophet. Note carefully His language. He warns in Matthew chapter twenty-four against the deception of antichrist but never uses the singular in His references. Click on the link below and read this great book free online!...

Approaching End of the Age
by H. Grattan Guinness

This is Grattan Guinness's first book published in 1878. It contains his revolutionary soli-lunar chronology. The book is no longer in print and in great demand. Occasionally you can find an expensive original on Amazon. The link below is an excellent online version. Historicism.com is the best site to visit if you are interested in Grattan Guinness. Also Google books now has the...

Armageddon in America
by Historicist Archive

Three Prophets Saw and End Time Earthquake in America. In Bible prophecy, an earthquake signifies a political revolution. This earthquake specifically signifies a civil war...

Babylon Mystery Religion
by Ralph Woodrow

Wildly popular book in the 80's. People were buying it by the box load and then mysteriously the author withdrew the book from circulation and published a "poor" refutation. Was he pressured?

Clavis Apocalyptica
Joseph Mede

One of the most famous and influential prophecy books of all time. Read it online.

Commenting and Commentaries
Charles H. Spurgeon

Online version of this 1876 classic. Very helpful insights from his succinct summary. 

Daniel and the Revelation
by Uriah Smith

Uriah Smith (1832-1903) was the greatest writer in the Adventist early years. His major work Daniel and Revelation has remained a classic to this day. The illustrations are wonderful, the writing clear and concise. A very good presentation of the book of Daniel makes this a good starter book.

End Times Delusion
by Steve Wohlberg

With clarity and biblical accuracy, End Time Delusions exposes massive errors now flooding through media and in much of today's sensational prophecy writing. Buttressed with solid teachings from many of Christianity's most illustrious scholars. 

European History Foretold
by Harold Hemenway

Two paperback books (a total of 177 pages.) BI-Historicist commentary on the book of Revelation with many illustrations and diagrams. Loaded with interesting insights and history. An above average exposition.

A Flood of Light Upon the Book of Revelation
by John S. Fox

This is a classic BI Historicist interpretation of the book of Revelation. Loaded with illustrations and charts it is broken into many subsections that make it easy to read. The Association of the Covenant People. Burnby, B.C., Canada, 158 pages...

God Cares Volume I
by PH.D. C. Mervyn Maxwell

An excellent entry level exposition of Daniel.

Great Prophecies of the Bible
Ralph Woodrow

 A classic work on the fundementals of historicism.

History Unveiling Prophecy
H. Grattan Guiness, D.D. 

Horae Apocalypticae Volume 1
by E.B. Elliott

Horae Apocalypticae was almost impossible to find prior to the internet explosion. Now you can get it at a reasonable price on Amazon.

Horae Apocalypticae Volume 4
by E.B. Elliot

The 4th volume has his famous history of prophetic exposition. Serious prophecy students will want to have a copy.

Illuminati 666 Book 2
by William Sutton

This is a good introduction to the end time symbols in Revelation. Sutton traces the origins of the pit beast (Rev 11) from the French Revolution to its end time manifestation in Revelation 17. He discusses the rise of Communism, the harlot daughters (Rev 17), the coming global French Revolution and the hidden hand behind it all. 

Light for the Last Days - A Study in Chronological Prophecy
by H. Grattan Guinness

This book was a direct influence on Prime Minister Balfour (of the Balfour Declaration, 1917) and indirectly on General Allenby (commander of the British forces that liberated Jerusalem in 1917...

Nobody Left Behind
by David Vaughn Elliott

Observations on Daniel & the Apocalypse
by Isaac Newton

Paperback version. 1733. In two parts. Part I contains observations upon the prophecies of Daniel, including an introduction concerning the compilers of the Books of the Old Testament, prophetic language, various prophecies, and a myriad of discussion relative to the prophecies of Daniel. Part II contains the observations upon the Apocalypse of St. John.

Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers Volume II
by Le Roy Froom

The best of the four volume Prophetic Faith of our Fathers is now back in print in paperback format. Probably the best single prophecy book money can buy. Highly recommended...

Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers Volume III
by LeRoy Froom

This monumental historical survey spans the time between the Waldenses and the beginnings of the Adventist Church in the Millerite movement. Each volume contains appendixes, bibliography, and index. Pertinent facts about Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers. * Establishes abiding principles in the exposition of Bible prophecy and reduces prophetic interpretation...

Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers Volume IV
by LeRoy Froom

This monumental historical survey spans the time between the Waldenses and the beginnings of the Adventist Church in the Millerite movement. Each volume contains appendixes, bibliography, and index. Pertinent facts about Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers. * Establishes abiding principles in the exposition of Bible prophecy and reduces prophetic interpretation...

Romanism and the Reformation
H. Grattan Guinness

An excellent resource that identifies the antichrist of Bible prophecy from the books of Daniel and Revelation and the writings of Paul the apostle.  Also includes excellent material on prophetic interpretation from pre- to post-reformation times. 

Seventy Weeks
by Robert Caringola

The best book on Daniel's Seventy Weeks in print. Great book to use to witness.

The Russian Chapters of Ezekiel
by W.M.H. Milner

If you think that Russia offers no threat now, think again! Written before Russia became the Soviet Union, Milner shows how prophecy concerning that nation is still being, and will be fulfilled. The picture on the cover of this classic says it all. The Bear is coming over the top to attack a remnant in the time of the end.

Study in Daniel
by Howard Rand

Howard Rand was the most outstanding BI bible prophecy expositor of the 20th century. He wrote books and pamphets on a wide range of subjects which were published by his Destiny Publishers in Merrimac, Massachusetts. His exposition on Daniel is still very popular.

Study in Revelation
by Howard Rand

Howard Rand was the most prominent BI historicist expositor of the 20th century. He had an international following. His book on Revelation is still in demand.

The Anti-Christ
by Lawrence Nelson

This is the clearest, most concise exposition of Daniel 2 and 7 in print. It has many helpful illustrations and a step by step approach. The books leads you to a clear understanding of Revelation 13 which is the key that unlocks Revelation. Over 250,000 in circulation. A must for new students.

The Book of Revelation
by F.W.C Neser

A popular historicist interpretation of Revelation. South African author.

The Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet
by W.J. Sutton

A study of the eighth beast of Revelation which is the false trinity of Revelation 13. Sutton packs this book with interesting insights and information.

The Incredible Scofield
by Joseph Canfield

Most Bible students have heard of the Scofield Reference Bible, and may even own one. But few have read anything about Scofield. This well-researched book reveals his questionable character. The most devestating book ever written about dispensationalism. Publ 1988.

The Illustrated Guide to Bible Prophecy
by Orion Publishers

An excellent starter book on Bible prophecy.

The Number of His Name - 666
Links of Interest

The Present Reign of Jesus Christ
by Robert Caringola

The prophecy of the Revelation is dramatically violent, victorious, and encouraging. It forewarns of a glorious struggle between the true Chruch and the corporate enemies of Christ. 

The Rapture Plot
by Dave MacPherson

No one in all of church history ever taught pretribulational rapture prior to 1830. Dave MacPherson does the work of a journalistic private investigator to uncover the truth. A fascinating piece of detective work." 

The Revelation of St. John the Divine
by Pascoe Goard

On of the great Bible scholars of the twentieth century takes an historicist look at the Book of Revelation, that is, most prophecy in history has gone by and there is little time left before the return of Christ. His deep research and easy writing style complement this book...

The Unveiling
by H.W. Layclerc

The Unveiling of the Apocalypse of St. John the Divine Chapter X, The Angel of the Reformation. First published in 1927, this is one of the best historicist expositions of Revelation chapter 10 in print. A 684 page paperback, it includes an excellent history of the Protestant Reformation with hundreds of quotations from reformers and historians as well.

Two Babylons
by Alexander Hislop

Did Roman Catholicism's practices and beliefs come from pagan Babylonian religion...and not from Christ or the Bible? In this scholarly classic, first published over eighty years ago, Alexander Hislop reveals that many Roman Catholic teachings did not originate with Christ or the Bible, but were adopted from ancient pagan Babylonian religion, and given Christian names. h it is...

Vicarius Filii Dei - 666
by Jerry A. Stevens

The author has compiled approximately170 references to its use by Catholic, Protestant
and Adventist writers from its earliest appearance in the forged donation of Constantine.