I have told you before it comes to pass, that, when it comes to pass you will believe. - John 14:29

Historicists of Note

Irenaeus - First to Investigate the Mystic 666

Tertullian - Antichrist will appear in the church

Jerome - Last Great Historicist Expositor of the Early Church

Joachim of Fiore - First to apply year day principle to the 1260

John Wyclif - Two Halves of the Same AntiChrist

John Purvey - The First Protestant Commentary on Revelation

Martin Luther - Master Spirit of the Reformation

Philipp Melancthon - Second Leader of the German Reformation

Heinrich Bullinger - One the Greatest Expositors of His Time

John Jewel - Defending the Church of England

John Napier - Napier's Bones and Prophecy Too

King James I - A Royal Expositor

John Foxe - A Book of Martyrs and a Book of Prophecy

Thomas Brightman - The "English Prophet"

Joseph Mede - A Revolution in Prophecy Exposition

Sir Isaac Newton - Author of the Historicist Interpretation

John Cotton - America's First Prophecy Expositor

Roger Williams - Rhode Island and Religious Liberty

Increase Mather - The 17th Century's Most Notable Witness

Benjamin Harris - The New England Primer

Cotton Mather - Celebrated New England Puritan

John Wesley - Founder of the Methodist Church

Elias Boudinot - The First President of the United States

Jonathan Edwards - The First Great Awakening

Thomas Newton - The Most Popular Commentator of the 18th Century

Timothy Dwight - The Second Great Awakening

Edward Gibbon - Infidel Historian - Unwitting Expositor

Robert Fleming, Jr. - Three Predictions, Two Fulfillments

Adam Clarke - Clarke's Commentary and Wesley' Hymns

William Cuninghame - Prominent Expositor of Early 19th Century

E.B. Elliott - Author of Horae Apocalypticae

Albert Barnes - Author of Barnes Notes

Grattan Guinness - The Soli-Lunar Cycle

Uriah Smith - The Adventist's Greatest Expositor

Leroy Froom - Prophetic Faith of our Fathers

Henry Halley - Halley's Bible Handbook

Howard Rand - Pioneer BI Expositor