I have told you before it comes to pass, that, when it comes to pass you will believe. - John 14:29

The Problem with Preterism

It is Built on the Sand of the Neuronic Date

Ask a preterist about  preterism and  he will talk about Nero, the fall of Jerusalem and Matthew 24. But ask an historicist about preterism and he will argue that the book of Revelation was written in A.D. 96 during the reign of Emperor Domitian.


The Early Fathers Agreed
John Was Banished by Domitian

"Early Christian tradition is almost unanimous in assigning the Apocalypse to the last years of Domitian." Henry Barclay Swete

  1. Iranaeus
  2. Clement
  3. Tertullian
  4. Victorinus
  5. Eusebius
  6. Jerome

A Discordant Note


Two Persecutions 

Comparison Provides Key Insights

The persecutions under Nero and Domitian differed in scope. Nero's persecutions were  limited  to  Rome whereas  Domitian persecuted Christians throughout the empire.

Further,  there is no  historical  record  that  Nero banished anyone. We read of imprisonment, confiscation, hunting to death with dogs, crucifixion, beheading,  drenching  with  oil and then setting on fire but, banishment is never mentioned.

Two Persecutions

Grattan Guiness - Keys to the Apocalypse