I have told you before it comes to pass, that, when it comes to pass you will believe. - John 14:29

Rapture Hoax


Leading proponents of Futurism today are John Hagee, Tim LaHaye and Joel Osteen.

Joel Osteen

Helpful Links

John Hagee

Helpful Links

Hal Lindsey

The Mother of Modern Prophecy

The Jesuit Connection


Halley' Bible Handbook

The Old Switcheroo

Youtube video on the Switch


Tim Lahaye

Occult Symbols on Books

Masonic Connection

Left Behind and Tim Lahaye

Unholy Alliance - Rense.com


The Jesuit Connection

Left Behind by the Jesuits - Reformation .org

The Foundation of Futurism and Preterism by Leroy Froom - Excellent

The Jesuits and Daniel's Seventy Weeks - Historicist.com

Jesuit Inspired Seminaries

Dallas Theological Seminary

The Real Conspiracy - You Tube


The Secret Rapture

Simple explanation on You tube

Dispensational Timeline - Powered by Christ

The Truth About the Rapture - Bible Light

KJV and Dispensationalism are Incompatible - James Whisler

Eight Undeniable Errors of Futurism - Historicist.com


Jack Van Impe

Promotes Catholicism


Articles by Dave MacPherson

The Rapture Index - Mad Theology

The Real Manual Lacunza

Tim Layahe's Temperment

Scholar's Weigh in on My Research

Thomas Ice - Hired Gun

Pre-Trib Hypocrisy

The Unoriginal John Darby

X-Raying Margaret MacDonald

Famous Rapture Watchers

Mrs. Billy Graham's Rapture Views

The Rapture Hoax Plagerism

PreTrib Rapture Dishonesty

Dave's popular book The Rapture Plot


C.I. Scofield

Christian Zionist Backing

More background 

Scofield Reference Bible a Trojan Horse

From Preterist Archive

The Secret Six - Hidden Hand behind Scofield

Overlords of Chaos on Scofield