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Did the Virgin Mary Live and Die in England?

Fascinating book published in 1985 by popular author and successful English businessman Victor Dunstan. Not in print.

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St. Anne de la-Palud - Jesus's Grandmother

Jerusalem - And did those feet...?

*** From the preface of the book

In-depth research into the life and times of Jesus by the author astonishingly reveals that:

* The Jesus family were WEALTHY people—Jesus WAS born in a manger but not because the Virgin Mary was poor! Victor Dunstan argues that the myth of Jesus' poverty was a convenient way for the Church to make the poor satisfied with their lot. Good 'sob stuff' religion!

* The disciples were all members of Jesus' family, or friends of the family and were property owners and businessmen and were either RICH OR INFLUENTIAL OR BOTH. Contrary to generally accepted teaching there were no 'SIMPLE FISHERMEN' among them!

* Though Jesus was a Jew he was possibly of ENGLISH DESCENT, there is evidence that his grandmother was born in Cornwall, England!

* Mary and Jesus did NOT LIVE IN PALESTINE except for a very few years when Jesus was a child!

* The Virgin Mary and Jesus DRANK ALCOHOL and attended 'high life' parties in Capernaum. They were quite unlike the 'po faced' characters depicted in religious art!

* Jesus DESPISED RELIGIOUS PEOPLE and constantly spoke against them but never once condemned the thieves, prostitutes and sinners with whom he frequently mixed!

* The Virgin Mary's uncle was a rich man, the Onassis of his day, and was a ship-owner, metal merchant and a Minister of Mines in the Roman Empire. He had EXTENSIVE BUSINESS INTERESTS in Britain!

* There is scientific evidence that the 'STAR OF BETHLEHEM' and the events of the first Christmas actually happened!

* The Jesus family was closely interlinked with British royalty and the uncle of the Virgin Mary FATHERED A BRITISH QUEEN!

* The 'SECRET SOCIETY' password given by Pilate to Jesus at his trial and why the Romans pronounced Jesus innocent on four occasions!

* Britain was a HIGHLY CIVILISED society hundreds of years before the Romans came here. There were, at the time of Jesus' birth, 40 universities here!

* The first Christian Church IN THE WORLD was established in Britain. There was a Christian Church in Britain BEFORE there was a Christian Church in Jerusalem or Rome!

*A member of the British royal family was THE FIRST BISHOP OF ROME!

* The Virgin Mary was NOT A LIFELONG VIRGIN, she gave birth to no less than seven children!

* The Druids of Britain worshipped a God named 'Jesus' hundreds of years BEFORE JESUS WAS BORN in Palestine!

* Paul, the apostle, was A FRIEND OF THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY and a half-brother to one of the Roman commanders in Britain!

* The grave of the Virgin Mary's uncle was FOUND AT GLASTONBURY!

* How the Virgin Mary escaped from Palestine by boat, under an assumed name, during the great persecution of Christians that followed the resurrection.

* The origins of the British and American peoples TRACED TO PALESTINE! * How SCOTLAND AND WALES got their names!
All that and much, much more in DID THE VIRGIN MARY LIVE AND DIE IN ENGLAND?