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If you have read Coming of the Saints and Drama of the Lost Disciples, you will enjoy this handsome well illustrated book. An Anglican Priest from the United States has spent a lifetime visiting the legendary sites made famous by the early church. Much new light and a refreshing point of view from one outside the familiar British Israel circle. Get it on Amazon.

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An exerpt from his book about Jesus's Grandmother

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*** Customer Comment on Amazon

If you have read Bede with interest, this is a book for you. A friend recommended this book to me and I have been delighted with it. It ties together many of the ideas and bit and pieces of information about the early Church in the British Isles that this Anglican has garnered over some years of reading. While legend and folktales are not primary scholarly sources, if put together with new archeological and academic discoveries, they lend credence to Bishop Harvey's thesis that in England were sites of primary importance to the nascent Church, as important as almost any in the Holy Land. Harvey clearly describes the early English Christian Church as it was before St. Augustine arrived in Kent.

While I would have liked the addition of a Bibliography, each chapter is footnoted, and where the author cannot cite a tangible source, his speculations at least spring from oral traditions.

The author perhaps needs to smooth out the flow from chapter to chapter and eliminate some of the repetition to create a tighter whole and thus present his arguement more clearly.

That criticism aside, this book offers a fascinating hypothesis and much information about the Early Church, its saints and martyrs.