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Jesus Christ – The Number of His Name

Bonnie explores the correlations between gematria and equadistant letter sequencing and other topics. Another in her popular series on Bible numerics and gematria.

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***Review from Amazon.com
Do not read this book expecting to find out the future as many do when picking up books relating to "bible codes". This book is mainly to do with gematria, rather than els codes. What it shows is how Gods creation itself, and his purpose that has been revealed over the last 6000 years to mankind, are reinforced by number patterns "hidden" within creation itself and the bible. Hebrew and Greek were dual number languages in that all letters had numerical values as well as letter meanings. Thus the biblical text, be it words, passages, verses etc can all be reduced to numerical values. Comparison of these values reinforce evidence of creation as well as bringing together Gods plan of redemption in Christ. For example, the nummber of the term Lord Jesus Christ is 3168, and this number was built into the cosmos, the dimensions of the cities of refuge, Solomons temple, ezekiels temple, the new Jerusalem etc. For bible student who study types and shadows of Christ in the old testament this book is a goldmine! Do not be put off by those too ignorant to understand the book. It is very easy reading, thought provoking,and probably the finest book I have read in the past 25 years.