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The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch

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This book is a must read for anyone that is interested in the Biblilcal flood and it effect on the earth's geological structure. He presents the evidence for astromomical catastrophism and its effect on the earth. New theories on mountain building and the ice ages are put forth. He continues where other deluge writers have left off. An excellent easy to understand book supporting the Biblical flood and refuting the uniformitarian theory of modern geology.

Donald Patten does a top notch job in supporting scientifically the theory that the earth was once surrounded by a ice ring, much like Saturn, which collapsed at the flood, freezing the ancient mastadons that are so often found flash frozen and suffocated in Siberia and other northern regions. His descriptions make me think that it was possible. He cites scores of research models which failed in comparison to his own, which to me (a lay person) comes across in a believable non-fantastic way. The first book on the ice canopy that makes any sense, and answers every question. I highly recommend it.