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The Magnificent Numbers

Another popular book on bible numerics and gematria.

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Numbers have long been a source of fascination and wonder to man. The ancient Pythagoras was so awed by the relationship of numbers to time and space that he theorized: "Numbers are the language of the universe." And indeed Pythagoras was right .

The discovery of the inter-relationships of the numbers involved in the geometry of the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge led to a comprehensive investigation into the "language of the universe" and a glimpse into the very foundation of creation. The numbers reveal the evidence of the existence of an intelligent Creator.

The work has only scratched the surface of a subject too vast for the human mind fully to grasp. Yet it uncovers the unmistakable evidence of a consistent plan, a plan involving the destiny of the human race.

Come with me on a fascinating journey through time and space to discover the language of the universe: the magnificent numbers.

204 pages