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Study in Jeremiah

Howard Rand explains clearly what no church ever mentions. Jeremiah had a special mission to "build and plant" the kingdom that had been destroyed. This is a secret key to bible prophecy.

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*** From the Introduction of the Book

If there were no other reason for writing upon the life and mission of Jeremiah than to refute the oft-repeated statements that this prophet perished in Egypt without completing his divinely appointed commission, it would provide sufficient incentive to retell the life-story of this man of God. Aside from this, however, a knowledge and understanding of the entire scope of Jeremiah's mission...in Palestine, Egypt and in the Isles of the west...rewards the student with a full comprehension of the immensity of the divine plan concerning God's people today.

There are two primary methods of approach to the study of Scripture. One is the road to scepticism, demanding that evidence and reason precede faith and acceptance. The other is the path of faith, believing God, after which understanding comes. Too often the approach to the study of the life, work and utterances of the prophets is according to the first method, with the result that the truth eludes the search of scholars.

In writing this book it has been our purpose to vindicate the accuracy of the word of God itself and show that He was not unmindful of the need of keeping all the promises made to Jeremiah, assuring this prophet his life would be preserved to accomplish his full mission. Jeremiah was not only a prophet of doom, predicting destruction of his people, but in fulfilling the final phase of his task, he became a builder and planter. In the last chapter of this book we have shown how this part of his work was carried out in a land far removed from Palestine and Egypt.

Attention is called to the character traits and reactions of a prophet who, though patriotic at heart, had the unpleasant task assigned to him of proclaiming to his people the enormity of their sins, calling upon them to surrender to the enemy. He called for immediate repentance and assured the people if they failed to heed the call, judgement would certainly follow.

When commissioned to preach, Jeremiah was informed that from the very inception of his mission his messages would be unacceptable to the rulers and people alike. However, what cannot be said particularly of any other prophet can be said of Jeremiah, that he lived to witness the full effects of the judgements which he had pronounced upon them and upon the nations of his day. He also lived to lay the foundation of a new and better order in another land and in so doing made a material contribution to the civilization which arose in the west.

This book is written for those who really desire to know the truth about this prophet, his journeys and the place where he was commissioned to build and to plant, for he was called and chosen for this special service even before his birth.

Howard B. Rand


320 pages