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The Book of Jasher

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Jasher is referred to in Joshua and second Samuel. Its Name in Hebrew literally means "the upright" or "book of record" and not the name of a prophet or one of the judges of Israel as has been mistakenly understood by some who are unfamiliar with the Hebrew language.

Regarding the authenticity of the book in his preface the translator says the following:

The printed Hebrew copy in the hands of the translator is without points. During his first perusal of it some perplexities and doubts rose up in his mind respecting its authenticity; but the more closely he studied it the more its irresistible evidence satisfied him that it contained a treasure of information concerning those earlier times upon which the history of other nations are either silent or cast not a single ray of real life; and he was more especially delighted to find that the evidence of the whole of its contents went to illustrate and confirm the great and inestimable truths which are recorded in divine history down to a few years later than the death of Joshua at which period the book closes.

The most important value of this book is the large quantity of additional detail it gives to various accounts in the Old Testament than our current translations. For instance the translator states in his preface:

This book contains a more detailed account of the awful circumstances attending the commencement of the flood and of the conduct of Noah toward the terrified multitude who had assembled about the ark when the fatal moment had arrived and their doom was irrevocably fixed.

. . . Connected with this period of the history is given an account of Nimrod; in which is strikingly depicted the arbitrary and violent character and conduct of his government. . . .

. . . From this book we learn that Noah and Abraham were contemporaries. How beautiful the contemplation of the meeting between these two Patriarchs the one being a monument of God's mercy the other having the promise of the favor and grace of God not only to himself but to his seed after him.

. . . The history of Joseph has always been considered one of the most admirable and interesting on record. . . . This history in Jasher enters more into detail concerning the affairs of Pontiphar's wife Zelicah; Joseph's magnificent procession through the cities of Egypt on coming into power; the pomp with which he was attended by Pharaoh's chariots officers and people when he went up to meet his father; the affecting scene which then took place together with other remarkable incidents. . . .

Following the preface of the book are certificates of endorsement from four noted religious scholars of the day their statements all dated in April 1840 the year it was first published each one giving his endorsement to the correctness and reliability of the translation.

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